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Based on the outskirts of Doncaster, Abbey house is a small 2 bedded children's home which provides residential care for children with learning disabilities/autism and or complex needs that imitates so far as is possible, family life.

Our primary goal is the well-being, development and personal fulfilment of each individual young person and to this end we ensure that our care and support is always of the very highest standards.
Well-trained, compassionate staff who are led by highly experienced managers, are our most important asset. All Abbey House staff are driven by the need to provide service and support of outstanding quality.

We firmly believe that every young person has a right to gain positive experiences and opportunities from our service. We have created an environment that is safe, caring and homely, where young people can enjoy activities, are encouraged to make choices, pursue their wishes and achieve personal goals.

Abbey Houses’ principle is to provide high quality care that will enable our young people to enjoy a variety of meaningful daily experiences within a positive environment.

We aim to deliver specifically designed, child-centred, professional care and support services that clearly address the needs of each individual young person. We specialise in caring for young people with moderate to severe learning disabilities and additional complex needs. These needs may include: Autistic Spectrum disorders, complex communication difficulties and problems with social integration. First 4 Care offers commitment, stability, consistency and perseverance to these young people and we can provide the ideal transition from a care setting to Semi Independent living whilst encompassing community living.

Abbey House is staffed 24 hours a day, which is integral to an ordinary community and the care and support given will encompass all physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social needs of our young people.

We also accept the need to be measured against a set of core objectives that apply to all aspects of the service delivery within our homes.

Consequently we regularly measure ourselves against the following service objectives.

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To provide our young people with an environment that is:

  • Safe, supportive, caring and nurturing
  • Conducive to personal development; where they may develop rich and valued relationships
  • To ensure that all members of staff are committed to communicating effectively with young people at all times, satisfactorily responding to each person’s needs.
  • To provide a range of appropriate activities within a structured programme that enables our young people to evolve and develop at a pace conducive to their needs and abilities, where they can develop the skills they need for a positive life.

To provide, if necessary:

  • A behavioural support plan that will help our young people to overcome any blocks in learning and social skill development
  • Behaviour management guidance for any individual whose behaviour may challenge or adversely impact upon the lives of others.
  • To liaise and co-operate closely with multi agency teams to ensure that young people receive the full range of services to which they are entitled.

The aims of the home (click to read more)

Abbey House aims to help the young person find and define their interests and capabilities by helping them discover and try a variety of new experiences within their community. We actively assist each young person's relationship with their fellow residents, neighbours and family. We provide opportunities for them to pursue their interests in the community such as schools, colleges and leisure settings. Young people will always get the necessary assistance to: get safely to and from a variety of places; identify their own useful or enjoyable community settings and to participate within it.

Abbey House encourages individuals to understand their own situations and matters that concern their lives . Consultation takes place frequently and young people are encouraged to take part in meetings and reviews to ensure their views are actively being sought and acted upon. We believe that young people's empowerment stems from the ability to make choices in daily life and through being able to communicate effectively. The basic right of our young people is to communicate their needs, wishes and feelings and for these to be sensitively listened to and then acted upon accordingly.

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Abbey House will always allow young people to say how they want to live their lives along with making opportunities available that could make a positive difference to them.
In doing so we are committed to a total communication approach that assesses and responds to each individual's communication needs. This in turn will enable us to react positively to any changes they may desire. To facilitate their own contribution, each service user will have an individualised 'Augmentative and Alternative Communication System' (AACS) that may incorporate the use of:

  • Speech
  • Gesture in the form of signing
  • Use of pictures, symbols and objects of reference
  • Comprehensive staff training schemes

Each young person will be the focus of attention through the whole process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of their programmes of care. This process will include the people who are important to the young person and those that can make a valuable contribution to their lives. In this way we will ensure that the person is in full agreement with what happens to them. Each care plan consists of:

  • Continuous assessments
  • Comprehensive risk assessments
  • Health Plans
  • Behaviour Management Plans
  • Evaluation tools designed to map progress.

The staff team are trained to be both facilitators and enablers, creating individual plans that reflect the wishes and aspirations of each young person.

Outcomes for each individual young person are child-centred and personal to each individual young person. These personal goals are priorities expressed by each individual and the people responsible for their future development. Personal needs change over time and it is recognised that life changes can have a significant impact on behaviour. We are a highly experienced team who have the skills to sympathetically address young people’s behaviour changes in a rapid and positive manner thus reducing the risk of any negative impact on their own or any other young person’s quality of life.

"Young people’s progress and outcomes are outstanding because
staff are persevering and energetically supportive of them"

- Ofstead Report 2012

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