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The Beeches is a small children’s home within a semi-rural setting in Doncaster, accommodating three young people with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. This is a comfortable and spacious children’s home which has separate washing and sleeping facilities for staff.

The staff team at The Beeches provide high quality primary care for the young people resident, which results in the development of strong, trusting relationships. The Beeches is a warm, safe, family based environment where sound relationships between staff and young people can develop and flourish giving the opportunity to develop the routine and discipline necessary to integrate into society successfully. The young person will develop a confidence in their ability to achieve and, in many cases; this spills over into areas of personal development and into key work, care planning and emotional growth.

Therapeutic work can be undertaken with young people resident at The Beeches; staff work together with therapists inclusively, to ensure the best possible outcomes for children referred to specialist services. This child-centred approach focuses on the ‘whole child’ and aims to secure positive outcomes within a safe, structured and therapeutic residential environment. Many of the disadvantages of living within the care system and within a children’s home have been minimized through the provision of the facilities and services provided:

Facilities and services provided (click to read more)

  • Small resident group
  • Spacious bedrooms/luxury living facilities e.g. some en-suite rooms, spa bath, internet & TV
  • Living facilities for high needs/close supervision
  • Comprehensive assessment work where required
  • Informal, relaxed approach whilst ensuring boundaries are implemented
  • Personalised/child centred care/placement and daily living plans
  • Therapeutic, inclusive work if requested
  • Strong, effective relationship building skills
  • Individual development programmes
  • Comprehensive record keeping
  • Opportunity to undertake a wide range of activities
  • Activity and adventure excursions
  • Access to a wide range of local leisure facilities (e.g. youth disco, ice skating, bowling, swimming, cinema)

The aims of the home (click to read more)

  • To provide medium to long-term security and stability for young people experiencing social and emotional difficulties whilst "looked after" in the care system.
  • This is achieved by: The creation of a warm, safe and welcoming environment where staff ensure young people are valued and safeguarded
  • To offer high quality residential care to young people based upon the foundations of exemplary primary care.
  • This is achieved by: The provision of quality living accommodation and the development of a multi-skilled and highly trained and experienced staff team
  • To provide as near to a family environment as is feasible.
  • This is achieved by: Supporting all young people to build positive attachments, through the development of an effective key worker system
  • To offer a child-centred environment, to young people aged eleven to seventeen on a flexible basis dependent their care needs.
  • This is achieved by: Effective assessment and recording systems, constant consultation with young people and anyone involved with the care of the young person.
  • To use evidence based interventions that help young people whose emotional needs are so great that their behaviour may be difficult to deal with in family settings.
  • This is achieved by: The staff team at The Beeches are a multi-skilled and experienced team, they enable and encourage positive relationships to be built very quickly, this includes all people involved in the welfare and care of the young person.
  • To provide facilities to enable young people to achieve positive changes in their lives.
  • This is achieved by: Young people developing confidence in their ability to achieve and in many cases this will spill over into areas of personal development and emotional growth.
"Young people are making remarkable progress because
of the dedicated support they receive from staff"

Ofstead Report 2012

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